Joining & Fees

How it all works

If you are interested in registering for a trial swim with Carnforth Otters and your swimmers ability is ASA Level 5 or above (certificate not required), please fill out the below Enquiry Form, if suitable we will contact you to arrange a trail at one of our sessions.

Our Privacy Notice can be found on our Policies page.

If there is space available within the appropriate squad for your ability level, you will be able to start immediately. Two further training sessions can then be attended before the the club’s regulatory body, the Swim England, requires you to become a member of Carnforth Otters. Please be aware that some squads do have a waiting list.


Complete the forms below and either hand them to Suzanna Peart on poolside or leave them in a clearly labelled envelope, behind the Reception Desk at Salt Ayre.

Code of Conduct form for Swimmers
Code of Conduct form for Parents
Parents Photography Consent Form
Medical Information Form
Confirmation of Commitment
£40 / yearAnnual Membership Fee (all swimmers)
£30 / monthCubs and Otters just starting out in the Tank
£35 / monthJ-Squads: Younger swimmers in the mail pool swimming in the early sessions at Salt Ayre
£39 / monthT-Squads: Swimmers in the later sessions at Salt Ayre
£18 / month3rd or subsequent sibling members (in order of joining the club)

You may also like to look at the resources available in the “Our Policies” section to understand the operation of the club and the principles that all members, including coaches, committee members, poolside helpers, swimmers, and parents abide by. We recommend that all members read these documents and keep copies.

Membership Secretary

Suzanna Peart 
c/o Carnforth Otters
Salt Ayre Sports Centre
Doris Henderson Way