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 Carnforth Otters Squad Structure

The guidelines below are used by squad leaders to assess the suitability of swimmers to progress between squads. Learning skills, maturity, understanding of the training process and discipline form a second assessment component to ensure that progression will not compromise the rate of development of the individual or the group that individual will progress to.  Agreement between the squad leads from the existing and destination squads is required for progression.

CUBSThis is the entry level for non-swimmers from the age of 4. Also for young swimmers who have progressed from learn to swim lessons• Possess the basics of all 4 leg kicks and ability to execute over 10m
• Ability to swim 18m on front and back (breathing technique does not have to be “secure”)
• Basic diving skills + streamlining over 5-10m

OTTERSLearning to extend basics in preperation for progression to the main 25m pool• 18m continuous “secure” Front Crawl.
• Established Breaststroke Kick + understanding of Breaststroke pull
• 18m continuous Backstroke with “secure” head position
• Ability to Fly kick under water in a streamline position
• Basics of simultaneous Fly arms

JUNIOR LOWERMoving from secure 50m swims with good skills to 150m continuous swims• 25m good “secure” front crawl with ability to complete 50m continuous with some breach of “secure” technique.
• Can execute a Basic Tumble Turn
• Secure on Breaststroke kick over 25m
• Backstroke “secure” over 50m
• Fly “secure” over 15m
• Ability to enter water from a dive in a streamline position

JUNIOR MIDDLECompetition skills, stroke technique across all 4 strokes and building stamina• 150m continuous “secure” Frontcrawl
• Ability to meet JT turn around times for repeats
• “Secure” on 3 out of the 4 turns
• “Secure” and ability to execute the technical basics associated with 3 out of the 4 strokes.
• Secure on streamline Fly kick on front and back.

JUNIOR TOPIntroduction to competitive training programs including reps with turn around times• Step 1: Invitation to train on Thursday evenings at Heysham
• Step 2: Invitation to train on Saturday evenings 5-6:30pm and / or Sunday mornings
• Step 3: Full invitation to the 2nd sessions at Salt Ayre

T-SQUADTraining for competition from Microleague to OlympicsSwimmers on the competitive swimming, triathlon and pentathlon pathways participating in open and team based competitions and aiming for qualifying times for County, Regional, National and Beyond. Progression based on age, ability to complete the set and training pace (including 200m and IM achieved times)

SPRINT SQUADSpecifically for swimmers who have been in T-squad and decided that competitive swimming is not for them but wish to keep swimming and possibly competing for teams when required