Our Coaches

Coaching at Carnforth Otters

Carnforth Otters ASC is supported by 13 active ASA Level 2 qualified coaches and a further 5 ASA Level 1 qualified coaches working under the supervision of a level 2 coach. We also have several  Level 2 Triathlon coaches. All coaches working with the children on pool side are signed up to the clubs code of conduct for teachers and coaches. The ASA qualified coaches currently contributing to the progression of the clubs swimmers are:

Carnforth Otters Coaches

Level 2 CoachesLevel 1 Coaches
Phil Austin ( T squad)Chris Henderson ( Junior squad)
Ronnie Barker (T squad)Lindsey Robinson ( Junior and T squad)
Nicky Edwards (T squad)Kate Oldfield ( Junior Squad)
Noel Evans (T squad) Direct EmailNadine Lesley ( Cubs & Otters)
Ian Gibson ( Junior squad)Emma Shawcross
Sue Goodfellow (Cubs & Otters)
Richard Hannam ( Junior squad)Working Towards Level 1
Donna Horrocks ( Cubs & Otters / T squad) Direct EmailKatie Shrine ( Cubs & Otters / Junior squad)
Sue HousemanAmelie Earnshaw ( Cubs & Otters / Junior squad)
Christine Johnson ( T Squad)
Derek Heathcote Jones ( T Squad)
Steve Maher ( T squad)
David Sallis ( Junior squad) Direct Email