Our Coaches

Coaching at Carnforth Otters

As of February 2020, Carnforth Otters ASC is supported by a Level 3 ASA qualified coach, 10 active ASA Level 2 qualified coaches and a further 9 ASA Level 1 qualified coaches working under the supervision of a level 2 coach. We also have several  Level 2 Triathlon coaches. All coaches working with the children on pool side are signed up to the clubs code of conduct for teachers and coaches. The ASA qualified coaches currently contributing to the progression of the clubs swimmers are:

Carnforth Otters Coaches

Mark Smith:
Head Coach
J & T squads
Andrew (Rick) Richardson:
Junior Top Squad Lead
Microleague Team Manager
Sue Houseman:
Teaching Pool Lead
Otters & J squads

David Sallis
Junior Middle Squad Lead
Cumbria League Team Manager

Donna Horrocks:
T squad

North Lancs Team manager

Nicky Edwards:
T squad
Kate Oldfield:
Teaching Pool
Susan Goodfellow:
Cubs, Otters & J squads
Derek Jones:
T Squad
Sharon Winterburn:
J & T squads
Phil Austin:
JT & T squads
Steve Maher:
Teaching Pool
Emma Shawcross:
Cubs & Otters & J Squads
Noel Evens:
T squad
Nadine Leslie
Teaching Pool
Jill White:
J squads
Clare Jackson
Teaching Pool
Lindsey Robinson:
Cubs, Otters & J squad 
Chris Henderson:
Cubs, Otters and J squads
Steph Reid

Teaching Pool