MORE land training sessions…


From the end of the month we are going to introduce a whopping three land training sessions a week. 

I am delighted to have two very keen volunteers to be handing over the shared role to: Boys Captain Robin Austin and Derek Heathcote-Jones one of the swim lane coaches. 

Derek will be running 30-45min sessions on Saturdays & Mondays. 

Robin every Wednesday 30-45min. 

Sessions will run before the swim session on each day. They are available for any swimmer 13 years and over. All attendees must ensure they bring a drink and trainers (with laces!!!) please. 

Start dates for the new block will be Monday 30th September & Wednesday 2nd October, then each week (note- Saturday sessions may change due to competitions).

I am thrilled to be passing on the land training sessions to Robin & Derek, they both have exciting new ideas to introduce to our swimmers. 
I would just like to say thank to all the swimmers that have attended my land training sessions over the 8 years. I have been very proud to witness some big improvements made both in and out of the water. Land training is a vital part of training so please let’s get stuck in to the new sessions and see some even bigger improvements & P.B’s. 😊

Sophie Casson

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