Supporting your club…

Can you help one (or more) of our teams?

As swimmers head off to university and the wider world, their parents move on too leaving the club with roles to fill. We’re always grateful to receive help, however small, and we can assure you it will definitely make a difference.

Full support is provided, there’s no commitment, what’s to lose? If you can help in any way, please speak to a member of committee or email

Here’s a flavour of the areas that we’re always looking for help with…

Gala team Medals / certificates
Sportsys trainees
General organising
More info…
Fundraising team Funding bids
Cake stalls, raffles etc
Sponsored events (?)
Marketing team Gala reports (web/local media)
Web content
Social events team Summer BBQ / disco?
Team building / bowling / trampolining etc
Tech team Website content updates
Website development
Swim times database
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Data Protection team GDPR knowledge
Other roles Taking registers
Competitions Secretary (Assistant)
Team managers (Leagues)
Land Training supervisors
Poolside help

More about the roles and teams

This area is evolving so keep checking back…

Gala team

Registration Desk

We ask all swimmers to register their attendance before entering the pool area. This is generally for health and safety purposes but also assists the timing suite team and marshalls so they’re not looking for swimmers who aren’t there.
The role itself includes manning the desk and ensuring swimmers are ticked off as they arrive. Once all are accounted for, the job is done. One person can undertake the role but two is preferable so one can report any withdrawals to the timing suite team as they come in. We do ask people to advise us of withdrawals in good time but on occasion that doesn’t always happen.
Timing Suite Team
Being part of the timing suite team involves working with SportSys to build the meet ahead of the gala and data processing on the day. We currently have 3 people proficient with the system but we need more to ensure we can continue to deliver licensed meets in the future. The role also involves processing entries for external meets. If anyone is interested in being part of the team, please get in touch.
People who contain and herd the swimmers from the marshalling area to line up ready for racing. Heat sheets are provided and you place the swimmers in lane order ready for their race. We need 5.
A charasmatic person who owns the microphone and makes the initial safety announcement as well as providing results/information throughout the gala.
Door Entry
We need 2 people to man the door, collect entry fees and sell raffles tickets.
We need 2 people to man the medals table. We try to position this with a good view so you don’t miss your child racing. Results sheets are provided throughout the gala and you just need to tick off names when the medals are collected. It can get hectic, hence why 2 people is preferable.
To give you an idea of what goes into meets, the officials we need are:
1 x Referee
1 x Starter
2 x Chief Timekeeper
8 x Timekeepers
4 x Turns Judges
1 x Chief Inspector of Turns
2 x Finish Judges
2 x Stroke Judges
That’s a minimum of 21 officials!
As we’re running a Level 4, the rules for officials aren’t as stringent but if we are looking toward Level 3’s, we need more people to get involved. The Referee has offered to run a Timekeeper course before the gala so please consider taking part.
These are people who transfer results from poolside to the timing suite and post results etc. We need at least 2.
Tech team

Website and Social Media updates

The website content needs updating regularly and often new posts will be reflected on Facebook, so scheduling is key. Consideration for Data Protection (GDPR) and copyright is required.

Website / technical development

There’s always room for improvement and we have lots of ideas for the website, including a much needed restricted area to comply with GDPR. We could also do with looking for into our email issues. Can you help with any of this?

Swim times database

This is a separate system to the website and SportSys and really just requires someone to keep it up to date. No technical knowledge required for this, just general computer use.

Creating gala entry forms

Every competition or gala we collect entries for requires an entry form. A bit of HTML knowledge helps with this.


SportSys is the software used to process competition entries and run galas. We need more people to become familiar with this system.

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