Poolside ponderings…. NW Regional Champs 2019

NW Regionals medal

Parents and coaches spend many hours on poolside, at training and competitions. One of our coaches and swim mum, Donna, decided to check in with the swimmers and this is what she found out…

After being with our younger swimmers (14 yrs and under) at the Summer Northwest Regional Championships 2019, I took some time to question them about their swimming journey and joining a swimming club.

Those here this weekend (25th-26th May) started swimming lessons at a young age, around 4 yrs old, and went on to join a swimming club at 6-7 years of age. They’ve all been involved ever since and it’s now become part of their everyday routines.

I asked the swimmers directly, “Why do you swim/compete?”
Responses varied… “fitness”, “friendship”, “I want to be an Olympian”, “I train to compete”, “my mum makes me” ( I laughed at this statement as it came from my son)!

I asked the swimmers, “how do you select the races you compete in?”  Swimmers were honest in saying it’s based on their previous performances at competitions and how strong and fast they are at that stroke and distance, avoiding competing in their weaker strokes.

Naturally, many of us prefer to stay within our comfort zones but as coaches who assist swimmers in trying to reach their potential, we would like to encourage swimmers of all ages to compete in all four strokes and distances, in time.

The key to achievement for each individual is to continue attending training. It is fundamental in developing one’s physical fitness but equally and more importantly, is the positive mindset and drive that is required when swimmers do compete.

Finally, to conclude, swimmers require the support for training and competing, not only from the club but from families who sacrifice time, become taxi drivers and bankers throughout the whole process.  Thank you parents / grandparents.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Thomas A. Edison

See you at training.  🙂

Donna. Swim coach and parent.

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